Our Clinicians

Dr Penny Tok
Principal Educational & Developmental Psychologist



Dr Tok is a Chartered Psychologist (Division of Educational and Child Psychology, British Psychological Society) with a PhD in Psychology (New Zealand). She is an educational and developmental psychologist, a developmental, behavioural, and educational diagnostician and clinician, and a lecturer. She has got more than 10 years of experience working with people with varying needs.

She is skilled in the use of a wide range of cognitive and diagnostic tools and experience in working with children with a diverse range of abilities in various countries around the world which is helpful for parents with different needs and from different cultural backgrounds.

As a clinician, she believe in working closely with the child’s family and other therapy providers in order to ensure a complete and consistent provision of support to the child. She strongly encourage parental and family involvement in the therapy services and is always happy to share techniques and ideas that the family can use to extend the skills learned in therapy to their wider environment. 

In addition, her continued involvement in the scientific community ensures that the approaches she use to assist children and their families are based on scientifically validated methods and that her techniques and knowledge of the field is kept cutting edge. 

Dr Tok is able to converse in both English and Mandarin.