Structured Academic assessments are standardized tests which measures a child’s academic progress and achievement. Selected by freepikIt determines the acquired knowledge which a child has learnt, and whether the child is performing below or above their similarly aged peers.


Structured academic assessments are often used as part of a full battery of psychological assessments to better understand a child’s full learning profile. It is generally used to identify students who are underachieving or overachieving in the school setting, so as to provide better support for the child’s unique learning needs. It is also used to inform educational instructions which is individualized for the child’s specific areas of strengths and weakness. Therefore, structured academic testing can be considered when you are concerned that your child is not performing as well as s/he appears to be able to.


At Thomson Paediatric Centre, our team consisting of clinical and educational psychologists are able to conduct these assessments to help parents better understand their child’s learning needs, and make informed decisions regarding targeted interventions to support their child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Findings will be organized in the form of a comprehensive report and will include detailed recommendations for parents and teachers; aimed at helping your child cope with the demands of school and perform at his or her fullest potential.