What is Diet Therapy?

Diet / Nutrition Therapy focuses on the optimization of nutritional status for specific growth or medical conditions. To help children reach their optimal growth and development, the Dietitian develops an individualized diet plan for each child to help them reach their fullest potential!


How can Diet Therapy help your child?

In our centre, our Dietitian works with infants, children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. Diet Therapy aims to equip the caregiver with the optimal diet plan for the individual child’s needs. One-on-one diet therapy will also be conducted with the child to reduce or overcome feeding barriers / difficulties that your child is having, through a series of gradual and achievable steps within a treatment plan. Our therapy sessions involve one-to-one therapy or working in a small groups, as well as parental or information counseling. In one-to-one therapy, we use techniques that are age-appropriate and evident to improve your child’s dietary habits. We also work in close partnership with caregivers, doctors, speech therapists and other professionals who are working with your child.


Some of the conditions that Dietitians work with include: ·

Failure to thrive/ Underweight · Growth issues ·  Feeding Problems (e.g. refusal to eat specific types of food) · Eating disorders · Ketogenic Diet for management of intractable epilepsy · Weight management · Food allergy/ intolerance  · Diabetes · Neonatal nutrition


What happens during Diet Therapy?

During the initial session, we will assess your child’s current dietary habits or preference. We encourage the parents/ caregivers’ presence so that they can assist in providing important information about their children. After assessing your child’s nutritional status and diet profile, recommendations and advice will be given based on his/ her needs. During an individual session, caregivers are invited to observe and participate. The Dietitian will discuss the specific and individualized meal plan with you to reach an appropriate plan. During follow-up diet therapy sessions, the Dietitian will discuss specific issues with your child relating to his / her meals and coach your child on appropriate strategies to improve their dietary habits. Challenges relating to your child’s diet in different environments / when parents are not present to supervise them e.g. change of school, or start of Primary 1 or change of caregiver(s) will also be addressed.   


Importance of home diet plan

The Home diet plan is tailored to the needs of your child. For a better outcome, it is important to carry over the home program that your Dietitian has prescribed to optimize your child’s nutritional status. Your child will improve with daily reinforcements and encouragement!


Our dietitian will be able to:

1) Assess your child’s nutritional intake and adequacy of specific vitamins and minerals for specific age

2) Plan and design an individualized diet plan to suit your child’s needs

3) Plan and design an individualized diet plan to optimize nutritional status for specific conditions e.g. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

4) Provide personalized dietary counseling for fussy eaters, and children with growth issues and failure to thrive.

5) Provide dietary management of food allergies, eating disorders, diabetes, epilepsy and other medical conditions.

6) Develop a diet plan for weight management for overweight or obese children.

7) Provide diet therapy to help children adjust to new environments e.g. starting Primary School, re-location or travel.


Targeted age group :

0-18 years