Do you feel that your child has a bad temper?
Does he/she seems to be ‘out of control’ when angry?
Are you at a loss on how to correct his/her behaviour?

Come join us for our anger management group!

Anger is a natural and normal reaction that is often used to respond to threat, stressors or loss. These threats can be real or ones that we make up in our mind. To be human is to be angry some of the time. Anger is a powerful emotion that can have many negative consequences if it is not managed properly. It is important not to make anger bad. An interesting way to look at anger might be to look at it as being a hammer. Therefore, it can be used for a tool for destruction or to build something.

Often, anger is confused with aggression. Aggression is a behaviour that is intended to cause harm to another person or damage to property. Aggression can include verbal abuse, threats and violent acts. Conversely, anger is an emotion that does not necessarily lead to aggression. A person can become angry without acting aggressively.

Anger become a problem when it is felt too intensely, frequently or is expressed inappropriately. Even when out of control anger does not always lead to violence, the inappropriate expression of anger, such as verbal abuse, intimidation or threatening behaviour, often results in negative consequences.

Symptoms of anger often vary from individual to individual. However, some of the common symptoms include the feeling of blood rushing to the head, sweating, dry mouth, increased heart rate, tensed muscles, behavioral tantrums, explosive outburst, challenging authority, school refusal, refusal to complete assignments, social withdrawal and use of aggressive body language. Strategies that you can employ to assist your child manage their anger often vary depending on the age of your child.

Who is this group for: Children between the ages of 8 to 16 years

Length of session: The current program is a 9-week cognitive behavioral anger management group treatment. The treatment plan consists of a 75-minute parent session followed by 8 60-minute group sessions.

The aim of the group is to raise the participants’ awareness of their individual anger cycles and identify effective coping mechanisms. The treatment is based on a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach that employs relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills interventions. This approach presents varied interventions and encourages the participants to develop individualized anger control plans using as many of the techniques explored as possible.

Package Details

  • Compulsory Initial Consult and Screener: $200 nett
  • 9 session package: $850 nett for 9 – 12 years old; $865 nett for 14-16 years old.

How Is the Group conducted?

  • 9 sessions
  • 1 session, with verbal parent feedback during the last 10 minutes of the session
  • Open for Enrollment

Groups offered on Saturdays at 11 am and Monday 4-5pm



Contact us at 6397 6627 or email to

*We are an approved Early Intervention Programme (EIP) registered under the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Parents will be able to utilise Baby Bonus funds at Child Development Centre.